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My wife and I needed a little R&R this winter and planned a getaway to the Destin/Seaside Florida area beaches. I really wanted to surprise her with a flashy condo or time share, but this was before I went into the mortgage business and real estate investing and money is short in the golf business in the winter and I did not know anyone who could help me out on short notice. I told my brother about it and he suggested I call a friend of his to rent his House on the beach for the week.

For starters, I knew we probably couldn't afford it, but I knew he was an avid golfer, and me being a Golf Pro I thought I'd give him a call and see if we could work something out. I really wanted to surprise my wife. Shortly after hanging up with my brother my phone rang and the proprietor (Doug) of the house called and let me know it was open for the week and we negotiated a price and that was that. Little did I know that this trip would ignite a passion in me that would lead me on a several year journey into financing and real estate investing and into a lifestyle that I could have only imagined.

We drove down leisurely, had lunch on the way and arrived late that evening. On the way down, I received a call from Doug explaining how to get to the rental agency that rents the house for late arrivals in order to pick up a key. We drove straight to the rental agency and picked up the guest info packet, including our local restaurant info and coupon book and the key to "Stargazer."

We followed the directions along the beach front road past the small wooden painted signs to the one that said "Moonglow", "Stargazer" and one other I don't recall just 100 yards off the beach. I was shocked when I saw the three huge, pastel painted, four level houses in a row glowing fittingly in the beams of the moon.

After a wonderful night's rest in the master bedroom (one of four spacious rooms sleeping 10 easily) I made my way outside to the beach for a short refreshing jog and below is what I saw.

I loved this place so I talked to Doug, the owner. He went in with a few friends on the place a few years ago and it is worth twice what they gave for it. He rents it out enough to pay the note, has use of it any time he wants and STILL get that INCREDIBLE appreciation.

Only in Real Estate. I understand most properties in the Destin area are appreciating at over 15% per year. That means the value is Doubling every 5 years. If you have an interest in investment real estate with 100% financing please call me at the number below and I'll start you on a journey you'll be looking back on in a few years that will set you financially free in the near future.


seaside beach cottage image

< This is the spectacular view from along the beach.


This is Shopping at Seaside, a short bike ride away. >

 image link Seaside Shopping
sea & side view   front view image

^This is a side view of the house with the sea in the background. 


^This is the front of the house. The balcony is the forth story. It has a small bar and a huge view.

pool view image   balcony view image

^This is a view from the balcony overlooking the pool and out to sea. 


^This is another shot from the balcony.
If you look closely you can see the wooden bridge leading to the beach.


kitchen image   < This is from the den looking into the kitchen. The first floor has two entry doors, one form the carport and one form the front. It has the laundry room and the first bedroom.

For information on kick starting your own future in Real Estate Investing, send an email to wade.conway@gmail.com or call
Wade at 615-838-8777.

This is not a gimmick or get rich quick scheme, only good advice from someone who helps people get financing to buy property like this every day.

This beautiful house is located in the middle of some championship golf. All of which within 30 to 45 minutes. Closest of which is a Tom Fazio Beauty. This would be the perfect place for your annual "guy time" golf getaway for you and your seven best buddies.

This is my showcase property, but I have access to over 50 resort destinations for three day and four day golf getaways. They all include two rounds of golf, all American breakfast for two and two tickets to a local attraction. Best of all, they are only $220-$400 per trip not per person!

These are not time share properties where you spend half of your visit dealing with a salesman. These are at Hyatts, Hilton, Marriott and other resorts that want you to come check them out at a minimum cost in hopes of your returning again at regular cost. They are at places like Gatlinburg TN, Destin FL, New Orleans, Tahoe, Branson, Niagra, Marco Island FL, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and many others. I go on several of these a year and let me tell you they are fabulous.

For reservation, pricing or other destination information visit the send an email to wade@ezfitgolf.com or call Wade at 615-838-8777.

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