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The College Prep Program grew out of necessity from the lack of good leadership and instruction from the high school level golf teachers in Middle Tennessee. The goal is to provide affordable instruction for a small group Nashville area of college bound golfers every year. A "team concept" will be developed as only two groups of 5 golfers will be accepted per year. They will be required to practice and compete together and transportation to some of the major junior tournaments will be provided.

 I have been working on this program for years now developing relationships with many local and some distant college coaches. I have developed a correspondence with the NCAA President of the College Golf Coaches Association and work with him to find and attain the right placement for outstanding High School golfers. I provide individual instruction, both on the golf swing and on playing the game. I am an avid student of Dr. Bob Rotella, the premier sports psychologist to the PGA tour and teach his principles "Rotella's Rules."

Nashville Area Golf Scholarships

Very few schools give full ride golf scholarships, so it is important to develop their scholastic abilities, providing them the best possibility of receiving a half academic and half golf scholarship. I also have access to a scholarship service called scholarship search which will help your children find the scholarships they are most likely to be qualified for and receive based on area of study, parents background and students activities and interests.

I am passionate about getting these kids education paid in full while developing their golf skills. I played my first year in college on a half academic and half golf scholarship, but transferred to my "school of choice" with an invitation to "walk on" to the team, only to have that invitation not honored after I had made the move. My experience of dealing with financial aid, paying back all of that student loan debt and learning about the "walk on" process the hard way, motivated me to start this college prep program.

For inquiries into the College Prep Program email Wade at wade@ezfitgolf.com These programs are provided on a need basis as a community service and outreach to young golfers. Space is extremely limited (10 students per semester) so contact Wade today about how the program works today.


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