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Why Should I Consider Video Lessons

I want to take a moment to tell you about the benefits of video lessons.

Video Lessons are For the student who:

  • Is a visual learner.
  • Wants to model their swing after a particular pro.
  • Is more advanced and wants to better understand their swing
  • Desires a more complete lesson where the instructor can be more specific with the use of slow motion video
  • Desires a more complete lesson where the instructor can use specialized graphics and detailed drawings
  • Desires a more complete lesson where the instructor can show side by side comparisons of swings.
  • Would like to preserve their lesson for further review on a CD they can take home and keep forever.

Individual Golf Lessons in Nashville Area

with Wade Conway


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About the Instructor

Wade Conway has been working in the golf industry and teaching almost as long as he has been playing. At the age of 16, he was already a scratch golfer, and traded tips and lessons with his local club professional, who was learning from Dick Harmon.

By the time he was in college, it was obvious his passion for playing and understanding of the golf swing would lead him to a career in golf. He has worked along side local legend Mason Rudolph and has learned from some of the top instructors of the John Jacobs’ Golf Schools. Wade has spent his summers as Director of Instruction for Nike Golf Learning Centers at Pine Creek Golf Course in Mt. Juliet.

Most recently, he served as Head Coach of the Cumberland University Golf Team in 2003-2004. The CU Team made it to the NAIA National Golf Tournament in the Spring of '05 with three Freshmen Wade recruited and Coached through their first year. He now teaches at Cedar Creek Sports Center in Mt. Juliet with students from the middle Tennessee area.

Wade’s unique style focuses not on mechanics, but on natural motion. His ability to draw comparisons between the motions from other sports students are experienced with and a natural golf swing, allow a freedom of style that is refreshing.

His use of drills instead of mechanical instruction frees the student from focusing on technical issues and allows the student to visualize, tapping into the brains natural creative ability for faster and easier learning.

His understanding of the golf swing is so complete, he is able to simplify it for the novice, and yet still be able to aid several of the Pros that consult with him. He entertains students as they learn. His animated teaching style exposes his true love of the game and the heart of a teacher.

Golf like you dreamed it would be…

If you’ve been playing awhile or if you’re just beginning, you probably remember what you dreamed golf would be like if you could play the beautiful courses of the world like the pros play them.

Our goal is to make golf as enjoyable as possible for you at the level you choose. That may mean just good enough to keep from embarrassing yourself with the boss, or good enough to play with the pros. We also sponsor several junior camps each summer. For information on these, or other specials, subscribe to our one of our newsletters in the Aqua Blue box above in the left margin.

"Total Swing Solution" Fitting

See the Home Page for more information about our new fittings featuring the Zelocity Launch monitor.

Note Pricing Change

I am chaning my pricing model instead of charging additional for video or other specialty lessons like launch monitor aided lessons I will just have one flat rate for all lessons. I do this in an effort to be able to provide a more thorough teaching and learning experinece for all of my students. I will be giving all of my lessons at the end of the Range at The Impact Zone Teaching Center at Cedar Creek Sports Center


  • $65 Per 40-45 Min session
  • $329 for Series of Six 40 min sessions
  • Group Lessons Available at $30 each for group of 4 for 1 hour
  • Zelocity fittings and sessions call for pricing

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Wade Conway
Cedar Creek Sport's Center
10770 Lebanon Rd
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

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